Woman Fence,

Celeste De Luna

Woodcut prints, thrifted patches on fabric, sewing | Impresiones xilográficas, parches sobre tela cosida
137.2 x 243.8 cm (54 x 96 in)
Collection of the artist | Colección del artista
Photo courtesy of Mary Kuvet | Imagen cortesía de Mary Kuvet

Artist’s Statement

Woman Fence was inspired by Louise Bourgeois’s Femme Maison series where I’m linking the border as part the identity of women and children that live in that place. It is home. My work documents individual and collective experiences in my physical/spiritual/psychic environment. I explore the complexity of relationships of borderland peoples and their landscape. 

Understanding the borderlands/nepantla means understanding the contradictory and complex negotiations that shape our public and intimate lives--as border communities have always known and lived, we are in a space that always already defies cultural and ideological binaries. It was a surreal idea to me that if I gave birth on the wrong side of the river, I would give birth to an “alien.” If only people could see how the river weaves back and forth on the land.