Trash Bags: American Flag,

Chuck Ramirez

Pigment inkjet print | Impresión inyección de tinta pigmentada
56.51 x 38.1 cm (22.25 x 15 in)
Private collection | Colección privada
Photo courtesy of MOA | Imagen cortesía de MOA

The ceaseless, compulsive consumption is so ingrained in American culture that we forget it is even there. Chuck Ramirez

Curatorial text

In this work, Chuck Ramirez reminds us of our responsibilities and our weaknesses. A slightly translucent and bulging trash bag photographed in a stark white light resurrects it from the landfill to the gallery wall. Working with commonplace materials, Ramirez brings a sharp focus to the people behind them, and to our material world. Self-described as a conceptual artist and graphic designer, Ramirez makes us look again and reconsider familiar objects, and is often subtly poking fun at his Mexican American roots.