Tamales, Tamales, Tamales,

Rolando Briseño

Ground chile and acrylic on tablecloth | Chile molido y acrílico sobre mantel
109.2 x 115.6 cm (43 x 45.5 in)
Collection of the artist | Colección del artista
Photo courtesy of the artist | Imagen cortesía del artista

Artist’s Statement

This piece is covered with different imprints of actual tamales: some are made with corn husks, some with corn leaves, and some with banana leaves. The many possible ingredients are written around the edges, and the three-foot-long zacahuil tamal is also mentioned. Four different glyphs of tamales are lined up in the center. At the bottom are drawings of uchepos, a pyramid-shaped tamal de elote (tender corn). There are also renditions of tamales from the codices, as well as a Mayan receptacle with three built-in bowls to contain three different sauces for dipping.