Regional Bull,

Ana Hernández

Oil, pastel, ink on canvas | Óleo, pastel y tinta sobre tela
96.52 x 91.44 cm (38 x 36”)
Private collection | Colección privada
Photo courtesy of the artist | Imagen cortesía de la artista

Artist’s Statement

Regional Bull is a self-portrait I made while caring for my grandmother.  My grandmother practically raised me. She died sort of unexpectedly after three months, at the end of 2019. Her physical appearance never changed, only her ability to move around and breathe... She is the balloon.

I grew up going to bullfights in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico with my mom. Which is why I paint so many bulls in my work.  Regional Bull is the culmination of all my “inner selves” that I recognized at the time: part animal, part facade I feel I need to wear to be accepted in society, and the way they are constantly clashing into each other. Even while I’m sitting calmly by the water or with my grandmother.