Ester Hernandez

Giclee digital print | Impresión digital giclee
43.18 x 38.1 cm (17 x 15 in)
Private collection | Colección privada
Photo courtesy of the artist  | Imagen cortesía de la artista

Artist’s Statement

Libertad was my response to the 1976 American Bicentennial celebration. Offering a challenge to the official discourse of the U.S. as only a Western European nation, an ancient Mayan stela is repositioned as a Statue of Liberty for the Americas. This print is considered one of the first Latinx visual depictions of the hybrid origins of Chicanxs in relation to U.S. mainstream identity.

Many believe that the Latinx influence will dramatically alter the way all North Americans think, act, and enjoy life in the future. Although some traditional hallmarks of North American culture may be transformed, the transformation may create a stronger, richer, and more international culture, one that retains the best of all influences.