Lettuce Field with Target and Skull,

Rudy Treviño

Acrylic on canvas | Acrílico sobre tela
76.2 x 60.9 cm (30 x 24 in)
Collection of the artist | Colección del artista
Photo courtesy of Lee Young | Imagen cortesía de Lee Young

Artist’s Statement

In Lettuce Field with Target and Skull, Treviño investigates field work and its consequences. He divides the composition into two registers of unequal size. The lower register equates migrant labour with suffering and death portrayed through a central skull flanked by two heads of iceberg lettuce. The upper register demonstrates the place of this horror with lush, green, unending rows of lettuce framed by a rugged landscape and an enveloping blanket of clouds. An upside-down bullseye recalls the violence experienced by workers in their struggle to unionize.