Agua Mi Vida...,

Richard "Ricky" Armendariz

Acrylic on wood | Acrílico sobre madera
38.1 x 50.8 cm (15 x 20 in)
Collection of Dr. Raphael Guerra and Sandra Castro-Guerra | Colección de Dr. Raphael Guerra y Sandra Castro-Guerra
Photo courtesy of Jason Murgo | Imagen cortesía de Jason Murgo

Artist’s Statement

Security on the U.S.-Mexico border is tighter than ever before. The United States government builds endless miles of metal fences and continues to ramp up surveillance efforts aided by unmanned drones. This obstacle stretches across hundreds of miles, separating communities and creating a culture of crime and scarcity. My work is a response to the tightening of these borders and the lives caught in-between. Agua mi Vida... is a reference to humanitarian efforts to keep people who cross safe.